Conf Champ Wk: Now 8 teams with a chance

The Best College FB Playoff 'What If' Break Down

1. Clemson

2.  Auburn

3. Oklahoma

4. Wisconsin

6. Georgia

The committee has made it very easy for these 5 teams... Win your conference championship and you're in.

5.  Alabama

If Clemson, Oklahoma, Wisconsin lose, Alabama is first in line to get in.  

7.  Miami

8.  Ohio State

These teams will need to win their game and have Oklahoma &/or Auburn to lose.  If that happens, the committee will be in a popularity contest between Ohio State / Miami / Alabama.  

Another team who will not get a chance to prove it on the field... 

#12 UCF

The Golden Knights arrived in 2017 with NO CHANCE to win a national title.  Even though they could finish unbeaten, they do not have a brand or conference strong enough to compete.  This is inherently wrong with NCAA D1 football.  In every other NCAA sport, in every division, you win your conference and you get a chance to compete for a national title.  Not in Football.  That's just DUMB! 

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