The Girls Go Gambling

Vegas adds the Aces!


The WNBA has tried everything, almost everything.  There are still plenty of suggestions the WNBA will not and should not try.  Sex Appeal is one of them.  That is not gonna happen in the WNBA marketing department.  This league is above that.  Even though it would command viewers and spark conversation, these are basketball players and not sex objects.  The WNBA will NOT, at least for now, sex-up their league.

Things they have tried recently:

  • WNBA in video games
  • Teams in WBB markets (Connecticut)
  • Teams in big markets
  • Advertisers on the jerseys

There are other traditional ways the WNBA has tried to get the attention of the sports fan.  Nothing has really worked.  They are still struggling to sell tickets and advertising at a time when the worst NBA players have salaries that can buy the entire WNBA.  

The latest, Gambling!

The WNBA needs to embrace the dark side of sports.  They need wise guys betting on their game.  They need guys and gals submitting Daily Fantasy teams.  They need lines for their games in every sports-book.  Besides a strong relationship with Draft Kings or Fan Duel, they need a strong relationship with Vegas.

Now they have it! The Vegas Aces.  Vegas is going to be a pro-sports town with NFL-NHL-and now WNBA.  I won't be surprised to see more teams showing up to that town.  I also won't be surprised to see the WNBA gain popularity.  As long as they gain action in the sports-books of Vegas.  Go Aces!!!!

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