No BCS but still some BS

Not only does a deserving team once again get left out of the party, but UCF could be one of the greatest college football stories of all-time!  

For starters, their superstar is a linebacker who was left behind from the POWER 5 conference recruiters because he only has one hand.  UCF were 0-12 just 2 years ago.  Not to mention that they beat the team who beat both teams in the National Title Game!!!!

What a year for UCF.  They join an elite club of unbeaten teams that were not allowed to play for a title in the last 20 years.

UCF 2017

TCU 2010

Boise St 2009

Utah 2004

Auburn 2004

Marshall 1999

Tulane 1998

1997 was the year we HAD to make a change.  2 un-beatens (Michigan & Nebraska) never got to play each other.  So then the BCS was born.  After TCU got screwed in 2010, the wheels began in motion for the 4-team tourney we have today.   We all knew this day would come.  The time is now to expand the tournament to 8-teams.  However, I can't wait until we get 16.  That will make College Football worth watching in December.  #DecemberDelirium

It is against everything sports is about to NOT let an unbeaten team compete for a title just because they aren't as popular.  EVERY OTHER NCAA TOURNAMENT LETS ALL CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS INTO THEIR POST-SEASON TOURNAMENT!  

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