The Next MNF Booth: Ben's Top 5

5.  Marshawn Lynch & Steve Harvey

What they would lack in getting facts right, they would be hard to turn off.  10 out of 10 for the hillarious-meter, 3 of 10 prepared for the broadcast, and 9 for 10 in keeping it real.

4.  Jaime Moreno and Luis Moreno Jr.

I am bias being from North Carolina.  However, these guys are the best thing going in PXP.  Passion, excitement, and that is just for a 2-yard gain.  8 for 10 in funny, 8 for 10 in getting their facts straight, 5 for 10 in keeping it real.  (They can be serious homers)

3.  Peyton & Eli  

Of course this depends on what the hell Eli is going to do next season.  If they aren't going to play or coach.  They might as well get their butts in the MNF booth.  It would be a close 9 of 10 funny, 9 of 10 factual (they'll call each other's mistakes out the entire game), 3 of 10 keeping it real (they have too many friends in the league).

2.  Beth Mowins & Tim Tebow

I love both of these people.  I am willing to bet, that among all of these controversial pairings, this one will get the most hate mail.  Huh?  Go figure.  Not going to lie, they would be great for football but bad for funny 3 of 10, 9 of 10 factual, very real at 9 of 10

1.  Steve Smith & Mick Mixon

The #1 overall selection may have some Carolina bias from me as well.  Smitty and Mick have worked together for over a decade and they are both great.  10 of 10 funny, 10 of 10 factual, and 10 of 10 REAL.  Smitty will be a star next season.

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