NCAA WBB Rd1 from Storrs

It has become an annual tradition for UCONN to host this weekend of basketball.  The top 4 seeds in each region get to have the games in their house.  UCONN has been #1 forever.  So this is old hat for Storrs folks.

Also old hat... UCONN Women dominating!

Something new... 140 points in a tournament game.  Not just new for UCONN, but no one has ever done that before.

The BIG game on Sturday is Quinnipiac vs Miami.  The 8/9.

QU, the other CT school in the tourney, beat Miami in their house last year to make their first ever Sweet 16.  So it could be payback for Miami or QU vs the BIG BAD WOLF of their state.... UCONN!

I have gotten goose bumps several times after made QU 3-balls.  QU showed up and is loud at UCONN!!! I love tournament basketball.

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