Simply Unbelievable

Notre Dame has done it again! The Fighting Irish earned the right to play in the Frozen Four by beating Providence on a goal that was scored with less than a minute to play. Fast forward a few days and 59:57 of regulation hockey and Notre Dame has done the unbelievable. 

If I were to tell  you a team would trail 5 different times over the course of 3 games, you would be surprised and expect that team to eventually run out of magic. At least that is certainly what I expected but Notre Dame has proved me very wrong. They fell down 2-0 in the game but quickly fought back in to tie it up at 2. With a tie game in the 3rd, the Irish took their first lead but Michigan was able to pull even with a little over 5 minutes remaining. 

Feeling like dejavu, I fully expected this game to be heading to overtime; HOWEVER, I am learning that the Irish would rather do it in improbable fashion. With just 3 seconds remaining, Notre Dame hero Jake Evans scored his 2nd goal of the game to give the Irish a birth in the National Championship game!

#1 Notre Dame will play #3 Minnesota Duluth Saturday night at 7pm for the 2018 NCAA National Championship. 

I like Minnesota Duluth and my pick is the Bulldogs will be crowned National Champions but it will not come without a fight. The Irish continue to give up first-goal leads and no matter what nickname you float around, that is not a recipe for success. The magic will run out against a team that knows how to handle a one-goal lead and Minnesota Duluth is that team. They have won three straight one-goal games and they will make it four straight Saturday night to claim a National Championship! 

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