Big Sexy, Big Belly

If you haven’t seen this, you better click the link below. Bartolo Colon, just got an out by taking a line drive off the stomach. He made it look like a fly hitting a windshield on the highway. Most guys would have been down in pain and came out of the game. Big Sexy on the other hand, gets the out at first and starts laughing while patting his big ol’ belly.

This begs the question, is the “dad bod”, or the Bart Bod, officially tougher than having minimal body fat?

I say yes. As someone who has embraced the dad bod lifestyle since graduating college, I say you try and take 102mph liner off the stomach you muscle hamster.

Lastly, Big Sexy is 45 years old! He’s no spring chicken. The fact he didn’t throw up like Jackie Moon getting punched in the jejunum is astonishing.

No matter what Bartolo Colon does, I love it. He is just one entertaining dude. I hope he keeps taking steroids and pitches until he needs to be put in the convalescent home. The day Big Sexy retires is the day I start my next diet, I hope that day never comes.  

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