MLB Draft

The MLB Draft should be better covered by its own league.

I don't know if it is a TV deal situation or contract situation or what.  However, the lack of creating any sort of buzz is beyond me.  You have kids that are still playing baseball for their NCAA team.  You should be highlighting that a lot more.  The #1 overall pick will be playing against the #5 overall pick in the Super Regionals.  (FLA vs AUB)  

There are stories all over the draft, let alone the first round.  The MLB does a horrible job telling those stories.  

DYK:  The 9th overal pick is the QB of Oklahoma?

DYK:  50% of the top 20 were drafted out of HS

DYK:  6 out of the 10 NCAA players drafted in the top 20 are in Super Regionals.

& that is just the easy stuff.

I am spoon feeding the MLB on a M-F basis on @robdibbleshow.  Instead of them listening to me and the obvious, they steal my promo ideas.  We can't show you their version.  The MLB won't let you share video of their league.  How brilliant is that?  This way the MLB protects their videos and restricts people from seeing their product.  So dumb.  Anyway, here is our video we made ...

Check the date on the post.  When you see the MLB Network's latest promo, you will notice that it is eerily similar.  I saw the MLB Network one for the first time yesterday.  This video is played every night at The Yard Goats Dunkin Donuts Park.  MLB Network is out of NYC and Bristol.  The DDP is centrally located.  I don't need to connect the dots for ya.  We know the MLB is copying off us.  We just wish they would use our ideas for their league.  

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