Road to Omaha: Conf Wk

These next five weeks are my favorite in baseball.  Yes, the MLB post-season is great.  However, those boys of Summer are playing for different reasons than the NCAA kids.  The Road to Omaha is a special one.  It may be a bit different than what you are use to when it comes to NCAA tournaments. 

1st = Conference Tournament Week  (this week)

Each conference is trying to figure out who will represent them in the NCAA tournament beginning next week.  The conference champion will receive an automatic bid into the tournament.  There will also be several at-large teams that qualify for the tournament even though they did not win their conference.  In that regard, each team is trying to build their own personal resume within these conference tournaments.  On Monday, Selection Monday, teams will know if they made the tournament and who they will play.  

Check out these area teams Wedn = 

UCONN in the AAC tournament in Clearwater,FL

Albany in the Amer East in Maine

Yale is playing a conference series championship vs Columbia at Home

Keep up with scores here

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