Benny & the Bets: Wk5

A horrid Wk4 in college football for yours truly.  A couple of garbage scores and Nebraska is at their worst.  1-3 last week vs the spread.  Nothing to brag about.  In fact, thoughts of not betting college football have crossed my mind.  Crossed, then left.  Let's get back on the saddle!!!!

3-tm College Ticket:  

LSU -3 in the Swamp!  The Tigers will survive.  As long as they stay focused on the Gators and forget about any other SEC team, they will win.  LSU has UGA / MISS ST / BAMA on the horizon.  They need to be unbeaten before that gauntlet.  

Miami -13.5 vs FSU.  Get out the turnover chains.  Miami thrives at home, they get up for their in-state rivals, and they have over 10 days to prep for this one.  FSU is down, way down.  TO chain is out early and often in this one.

Washington -20 at UCLA.  Everyone in LA is either following the Dodgers or Lebron or the Rams or  No one gives a rip about the Bruins.  Washington needs to blow out their competition to look pretty in the eyes on the committee.  Huskies roll in this prime-time game no one will be watching.

The NFL wk went a lot better.  Eli Manning playing like he did ten years ago sure would have helped.  2-1 but came out on the right side of things.

3-tm NFL Ticket:  Gosh this is a scary looking one, NYJ/CIN/CLE oh my

Ny Jets +1 at home over the Broncos.  Denver has to come across the country on a short week.  

Cincinnati -6.5 over the phony Miami Dolphins.  Miami will be playing in back-to-back road games.  Bengals are looking for some respect around the league.  Beating down Miami may get them what they want.

Cleveland +3 vs the Ravens.  Home dogs in the dog pound.  Ravens aka the former Browns are also embarking on back-to-back road games.  Browns feel like they could be undefeated.

Good luck everyone!!!!

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