Gallo's Road to Exemption

First off, let me explain what this is all about. I love golf. I’ve been playing since I was 8 years old. Since I started playing I wanted to be a professional golfer. The problem is that I never really focused on golf as my main sport growing up and through high school. I really should have since I didn’t make a career out of any of the other sports I played, and trust me there were many.

Fast forward to present day, I have a shot to make the exemption list for the Travelers Championship in 2019, just like everyone else. It is going to be nothing short of the hardest thing I have ever done in my life (except that time I ate 9 bacon cheeseburgers in one sitting because someone said I couldn’t). The amount of time and effort it takes to even qualify for a PGA Tour event is astronomical and let’s face it, I have never pushed myself as hard as I will have to in this next year.

You can check back here regularly as I start my journey to exemption. I will post updates on the different rounds of golf that I play and on my practicing so you can decide whether or not I will make it.

Chapter 1      Links at the Yard

What better way to start my journey by going with the guys over to Dunkin Donuts Park and hitting some golf balls. It was my time to shine, this was my chance to show them that I mean business. I was ready to begin my journey….then we started playing. I finished in third to Rob and Ben. Yup, last place. Just what I expected…well guess I need to hit the links justttttttt a little more.

The Yard Goats may have been right, the words 'Fore' and 'Mulligan' may have been expressed. Sorry Fox 61 camera man!

Here is our recap from the Rob Dibble Show on how the event went. It is a must listen:

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