Gallo's Road to Exemption

Chapter 2     Watertown Police Department Golf Tournament for the Leever Cancer Center

Well, as my journey has gotten underway, I took a few days off from Links at the Yard. I needed to get a fresh start and what better way than to come back and play in one of my favorite charitable tournaments of the year. On Friday, October 5th, I made the short commute to Crestbrook Park Golf Course in Watertown to participate in this tournament put on by the Watertown Police Department. This year it was the 4th time they put this tournament on and it seems to get better and better each year.

Let’s get down to the golf now. This tournament was a scramble format so I technically did not get to play my own ball and keep my own score. However, I felt that I had a very strong outing on Friday. I was hitting the ball pretty straight for most of the day and was playing better around the greens than I have lately.

I came across the longest drive hole very early on in my round and promptly took over the longest drive. I don’t know the exact distance on the shot but what I can report is that it was dead into the wind and it did not hold up as someone later in the day secured the long drive for themselves.

While I felt that my play could have won my group the tournament, sadly it did not. I couldn't tell you what place we came in, frankly, because I have no clue with all 18 holes having two groups. It was a lot of fun to get out on a course that I grew up playing on and I hope to build off the momentum that I put together during this round. 

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