The CFB Seasonal Tournament

College Football is long over due for a playoff, a real playoff.  Not 4 teams.  How about one where all the conference champs get an automatic bid and we pass out some at-larges.  This will keep more teams in the hunt for longer.  In this blog, we will track the teams who are currently still in the hunt in the current format and those that would be in for a 16-team format.

The criteria for getting into the 4-team playoff is simple = P5 teams can have one loss / Non-P5 have to be unbeaten.

Current format, teams that remain in contention as of 10-7-18:

ACC:  Clemson / NC State / Miami / Duke

Big Ten:  Ohio State / Michigan / Penn State / Wisconsin / Iowa

Pac 12:  Washington / Wash State / Oregon / Colorado

Big 12:  West Virginia / Texas / Oklahoma

SEC:  Georgia / Kentucky / Florida / Alabama / LSU

Non-P5:  Cincinnati / Cent. Fla / South Fla / Notre Dame

That is only 25 teams left in contention.

16-Team format of 10 Conference Champs and 6 at-large, teams eliminated as of 10-7-18:

The only teams that are eliminated at this point are the Independent teams not named Notre Dame.  That makes 5 teams eliminated.

124 teams would still be in the hunt with this format.

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