Benny & the Bets: Wk6 son!

Big weekend of bets for Benny as usual.  However, Mom is in town.  She may go to the casino while she visits, but usually once is enough.  I don't know if she will be down for some Horseys or NFL action.  We'll see.  

Here are my HOT ONES! for the weekend.

Wisc/Mich over 49:  Only 7 TDs in this game?  Something seems off on this one.  Best bet of the weekend.  

Washington -1:  It is a pcik-em.  Yes, Carolina/Cam Newton are scary, but their luck has run out.  They squeaked by a disfunctinal Giants team.  Josh Norman is looking for some sweet redemption and I think he gets it 2 years later, aka next week.  

NE -3.5:  10 days to prep and get healthy for the Patriots.  Bellicheck vs a young QB is always a good bet.  I am scared by the speed of KC vs the NE defense. 

Oakland +2.5:  Weird West Coast 1P KO in Oak-town Sunday.  If it is weird, take the unpredectible.  Oakland rolls and looks good.  

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