Benny & the Bets: Moving Wk (7)

2-2 Last Week, I would rather lose than push.  Marshawn was as disgusted as I was with last week's Raiders.  Sickening.  

This week I am all about the OVER!

OU/TCU OVER 62 :  The Big 12 does 2 things, score points and not play defense.  These 2 actually have the best defenses in the conference.  However, new DC on OU.  Sooners need to win too.  

ORE/WASH ST OVER 68 :  The Cougars don't run!.  They pass all game.  This is a big one for them too.  They have never been this hot and they have GameDay at their house.  I expect a big big big number at the end of this one.  

I plan on spending my Sunday at my favorite horse-betting establishment and playing some NFL in-between.  

DET/MIA OVER 45 :  No Suh for the first time in these 2 teams recent history.  That DT is wrecking scores on the West Coast these days.  Miami gets hot and TDs are everywhere.

HOU/JAX OVER 41 ; It is an UNDER trap.  Yeah, I know they both can't score.... on offense.  Defensive TDs for each team this Sunday.

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