SAM DARNOLD 2018 STATS: 124-221 (56.1%) 1552 YDS 10TD 10 INT  RTG:74.3

                                                              (JETS RECORD 3-4)

Sam Darnold has the Jets at 3-4, which is the same record at this time last year. Tough beginning to schedule (3 games in less than 14 days, 1-2 record) had him taking his lumps early.  Of this year’s 1st round QB’s he has the most completions, passing yards, and passing TD’s. However, he also has the most interceptions as well. For the most part, in the games where the Jets were close to 100 yards rushing Darnold has done well because he made plays when they were needed and not have to carry the load.  As a result, the team as whole has done well. In games where the running game has faltered, he’s pressed, and thrown the Jets out of games as opposed to in games. He’s mobile enough to make plays out of the pocket and his poise is remarkable.  He isn’t afraid to throw the ball down field and can make anticipatory throws with the best of them. He also needs to know how to read defenses better, have a better sense of passing lanes, and improve on his down field accuracy. With a decent running game to lean on, Sam Darnold can progress gradually rather than the team have him shoulder the load and ride his growing pains.


                                                           (GIANTS RECORD 1-6)

The NY Giants’ record does not reflect in any way Saquon Barkley’s season. He’s 4th in the NFL in rushing yards, tied for 5th in total TD’s, and is 2nd in the NFL in yards from scrimmage. He is the talent everyone says he is, and is one of the few, if not the only bright spot in a season that can be labeled anything but successful. He has dazzled with his ability to break a run open at any time. He’s shown his toughness in grinding out yards. His receiving ability out of the backfield makes him a weapon. However, it hasn’t translated into success for his team. For all the things that he does well, he still needs to learn blocking assignments and keeping negative plays to a minimum. That will come over time if he and the rest of offensive line can gel together. Defensive coordinators are going to have nightmares about how to stop him, especially in the open field. Saquon is primed to be the offensive rookie of the year. The NY “Football” Giants, however, are in the middle of a fire sale. They have an offensive line that can’t block, a team that won’t see the playoffs for another season, and a QB who can’t seem to get his high powered offense in gear. 

Through Week 7: Saquon is having individual success. Darnold has his team trending upward.

The debate continues...

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