Gallo's Road to Exemption

Chapter 3  With Every Beginning Comes an End…For Now

There is a nice cool crisp in the air, the apple orchards are freshly picked, and the golf courses are emptying out. Fall is a beautiful time of the year but with the increase in picturesque scenery, there is a decrease in sunlight and course availability. It is very unfortunate that golf season is starting to come to an end, just when I was getting back in my groove…or so I keep thinking.

If we’re going to be very honest here, and I trust that I can be honest with you, the reader. I have really slacked on my road to exemption. So far, not so good. I haven’t set foot on a golf course in over 3 weeks. Part of it has to do with it being pitch black at 5 o’clock, part has to do with the busy schedule of watching the Red Sox win the world series and the late nights that came with it, not that I’m complaining about it. However, I would have liked to get a few more rounds in before the snow covers the greens.

The next factor that comes in to play is the rain. It feels like it rains, Every. Single. Day. I mean, come on, we get it, enough is enough. I know it always happens this time of the year, but it just feels like this year it has happened so much more. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not just golfing to golf anymore and this is just more adversity I have to overcome. All I know is that I need to take advantage of every opportunity that I get to play and keep putting in the work to reach my goal.

But for now, I will be taking some time to reflect on this past golf season and hopefully sneak in a few more rounds before fall turns to winter. 

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