#2 vs #3 Saquon Barkley vs Sam Darnold (Part 2)

                                                    Saquon Barkley vs Sam Darnold

          Sam Darnold 2018 Stats: Comp: 55.0% 1934yds 11TD 14INT RTG68.3 (NYJ RECORD: 3-7)

Although Sam Darnold was not on the field during the Jets 41-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills, some may say that he has hit the “rookie wall”. Others say that he’s regressing. Whatever you want to call it, we haven’t seen any improvement in the Jets’ young QB in a little while. The team as a whole is in a nose dive and Darnold maybe the ultimate casualty. As we discussed before, he doesn’t have a running to lean on. He has mediocre receivers at best. Not to mention, an offensive line that is just that offensive.  This is on top of his own growing pains that he’s working through. He holds ball too long, he is not making smart decisions (because of said offensive struggles). And when trying to make plays, he essentially throws his team out of contention early and often. He’s had multiple games throwing multiple interceptions, and the Jets as a whole were beaten, at home, by team that pulled Matt Barkley off the street.  Sam Darnold is what thought he would be. A young QB taking his bumps and bruises as a rookie starter. The problem is, the bumps and bruises should be coming from the opposition, not his own team falling on him.

      Saquon Barkley 2018 stats: 586 yds rushing 5TD’s, 62 rec, 530 yds 2TD’s (NYG RECORD: 2-7)

He might be slowing a little bit due to his team’s lack of success, but Saquon Barkley continiues to be one of the few bright spots for Big Blue as they try to salvage their season. He’s 3rd among rooking running backs in rushing, top ten in the NFL overall. He leads all rookies in receiving yards. And he is 3rd in the NFL in total yards from scrimmage. He’s doing all of this with a struggling Eli Manning that may not be with the team next year. An offensive line that continues to struggle, which leads to lack opportunities. He is also still learning his blocking assignments, and still struggles with reading defenses. The NY “Football” Giants may finally be showing signs of life with their recent comeback win against the 49ers. With the slumping Tampa Bay Buccs next on the schedule it might be the stretch of time where Saquon might put a stranglehold on the Offensive Rookie of the year award. 

After week 10 Darnold is slumping as the Jets are slumping. Saquon is still shining in spite of the Giants.  There are still several weeks left in the season. Still time to improve. Still time to leave their mark on the 2018 season.

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