UCONN FB is #1, at Bad Defense

The Worst Defense EVER!

It is a bad season when your best player on the year is your punter.  Luke Magliozzi did an excellent job, but UCONN fans are never happy to see the punter.  UCONN fans really only saw one punter all year, there own.  Cheers would ring out from the Rent if the opposing team actually punted because it was so rare to see.

Saying that UCONN is the WORST EVER is no exaggeration.  They gave up more points and more yards than anyone has ever given up in the FBS era.  The only team that has ever been worse than 2018 UCONN was 1916 Cumberland County's lone game vs Georgia Tech in which they lost 222-0!  Yes this really happened.  However, that team was made up of a few guys who have never played football before versus a national power.  

The bright-side, the only place to go is up.  If you are a Juco defensive player, grad-transfer, or a D2 caliber superstar, give coach Edsall a call.  Other than a few D-line guys and maybe some others, ALL POSITIONS AVAILABLE.  HELP WANTED!!!!  HELP NEEDED!!!!.

When you have a venue that seats 50,000+, you have to capitalize on the 6 Saturdays you get.  This season's attendance was putrid as expected.  A 1-11 season and the worst defense ever did not help.  UCONN missed out on millions of dollars for not putting enthusiastic butts in the seats.  I hope that this year did not kill any future enthusiasm for the program.  They're not going to cancel football at UCONN, but if alumni have to watch another year of no tackling they might start thinking about it.  

I may get a stern talking to from my bosses for this rant of a blog.  I believe if you care, you're mad.  If you keep acting like it is all good, you'll end up with the same results.  The program should want people mad, because then they know people (like me) care.  The last thing you want is for no one to care and ignore the program.  A passion-less program will continue to settle for being bad or even being the worst..

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