Here's what I learned this weekend...

There was SO much sports action going on this weekend, I learned few things that I'd thought I would share:

The College Football Playoff Committee got it right. Even if you didn't agree with the decision.

Nobody wants to play the LA Chargers in the playoffs.

Onside kicks are always an adventure, even in high school (see the ending of Bloomfield vs Ansonia)

UConn freshman Christyn Williams is a BEAST!

If Saquon Barkley does NOT win Offensive Rookie of the Year, the voters should be banned from sports. PERIOD.

The New England Patriots getting home field advantage, isn't news, it's the inevitable.

UCF can keep winning all they want. Until they beat someone of importance, they're not going to get into the CFP. 

Mike McCarthy getting fired was no surprise to anyone, the fact that it took losing to the Arizona Cardinals for it to happen was.

This is the SECOND TIME that TMZ has made the NFL look bad.

Tua Tagovailoa is no longer a lock for the Heisman Trophy.

The New York Giants apparently found out there's no franchise QB's in the upcoming draft.

The spirit of Allen Iverson lives in NY Knicks' Mario Hezonja.

The NY Jets are already on vacation. 

The NBA season doesn't really get started until Christmas.

Another referee will probably be fired after last night.

The best month of sports is always in December!


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