All-Underrated Team

The NBA put out the voting results from the 2019 All-Star.  The league even broke down the vote count by fans, players, and media.  It is very interesting to see who everyone voted for.  I think I would want the most votes from my peers.  Here is a list of the underrated players that get love from their teammates and opponents.


PG  Reggie Jackson - DET  w/ 8 votes

SG  DJ Augustine - ORL  w/ 7 votes

SF  Wilson Chandler - PHI  w/ 9 votes

PF  Trevor Ariza - WAS  w/ 8 votes

C   Thaddeus Young - IND  w/ 7 votes


PG  Jeff Teague - MIN  w/ 10 votes

SG  Patrick Beverly - LAC  w/ 9 votes

SF  Taj Gibson - MIN  w/ 7 votes

PF  Montrez Harrell - LAC  w/ 7 votes

C   Jarren Jackson Jr - MEM  w/ 7 votes

Looks like a lot of guys that pass and play defense.  2 great attributes of being a teammate on the basketball court.

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