Why My Mom Loves Tom Brady

Most ladies are in love with the Patriots because there are some good looking dudes on that team. The younger ladies maybe more interested in party-boy Gronk. Older ladies skew to be big Brady fans.

It has been a surprise to me lately on how much of a Brady fan my mom has become over the years. She is a Bills fan and has always adored Jim Kelly. Doug Flutie is another one of her favorites.. She has never liked the Patriots as a team, but she roots for Tom to win every Sunday. So I asked her after she was celebrating another Brady Super Bowl win, "Why?"

Her answer...

"The way the man stays in peak physical condition and to push on is amazing. He seems to be a good guy to his teammates. He always shares in their accomplishments and they love him back for it. His team respects and protects him. When he's on, he is fun to watch."

There is an attraction to superstars who you can tell try to remain humble. It is not just his looks and his ability to play football that grants the respect of the world. Brady's ability to persevere through all the things he has endured with the grace he has displayed is remarkable. That is why I love him, and I am a Colts fan. Go Tommy!

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