Yard Goats Promo Party!

OK gang, I got the complete "inside" scoop on all the happenings for the Goats at Dunkin Don't Say Donuts Park!

Here is a link to the official page for YG promotions this season...


Important things for me:

  1. Bark in the Park is BACK!!!! Once again, dogs will be aloud to enjoy America's past-time. Dogs and baseball go hand-in-hand. Bat dogs have taken over the game and we all know they would make great outfielders. Question, best dog baseball movie? Sandlot or Air Bud, 7th inning fetch?
  2. NERD ALERT: Star Wars and Harry Potter nights are back! BYOL & BYOW, Bring Your Own Lightsaber & Bring Your Own Wand.
  3. Nectar of the Goat is back! The Goats' own beer is coming back to the ball park. I think that this was such a no brainer that it was not mentioned at the promo party. However, I was able to get a confirmation from an upper management goat.
  4. College baseball regionals and conference tournaments are in play for the year and years to come.
  5. Welcome River Hogs. This year's 'What If' Night will be rooting for the River Hogs!!!

Plus, Dunkin Donuts Park will be the first PEANUT FREE PARK in baseball.

Will this upset the bottom line with the loss of peanut sales? Will peanut lovers boycott?

Or will more people with nut alergies be able to go to the ball park?

One thing is certain, the Goats are the 1st team to stand up to the big nut corporations and go nut-less.

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