OHIO FB vs Domestic Violence

Here were the big domestic violence stories of the 2018 football season: Urban Meyer's cover-up of a domestic violence case within his coaching staff and the TMZ Kareem Hunt video.

Now, the Browns pick-up documented woman abuser Kareem Hunt off the commissioner's exempt list

To me, Ohio has a problem. They care way too much about winning football games than imposing consequences for men who abuse women. It is pretty simple. As a man, after you abuse a woman, you should no longer be celebrated.

Back in 2012, Stuebenville, OH went through one of the most horrific HS football rape cases. It was so notorious that there was a wikipedia page made about it.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer's fight to save his job this past season over not reporting domestic violence was well documented.

This week, Kareem Hunt is picked up by the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland is not only Kareem's hometown, but it is the scene of his domestic violence.

There are common themes among each of these incidents. They all involve disgusting details where each male should be severly ashamed of themselves. They all involve successful football players and coaches. They all involve a cover-up or acceptance in the community around them.

Maybe the Cleveland Brown community will accept Kareem Hunt and forgive him. Sadly, I think it all depends on how well he plays football. It seems to be the only thing that matters in Ohio. I am also afraid, Ohio is no different than any other state in America when it comes to football vs morals.

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