CT Hoops: Bracketology

CT Hoops Bracketology 2/18/19

Out of the D1 basketball programs in our state, which ones have the best chance of playing post-season basketball this year?

They're In =

  • Yale, 7-1 in the Ivy League, 17-4 overall
  • As long as the Bulldogs make it in the field of four for the Ivy League, they will be in some tourney somewhere.
  • Lunardi has them at a #13 seed for the NCAA Tournament

Runner-Up Runners =

  • UCONN, 4-8 in the AAC, 13-12 overall
  • In order to get an NIT bid, the Huskies need to make it to the AAC finals.
  • UCONN's brand is big enough that they would get an invite to somewhere as an AAC semi-final team. However, I don't know if the AD will pay for a CBI tour across the country. I think they must get an NIT invite or they will not pay to play in the other tournaments. UCONN's AD has to weigh the price versus the exposure.
  • Hartford, 6-5 in the American East, 13-13 overall
  • The school had high hopes for this program to succeed this year with a lot of returning players. However, they have to make a run to the Amer East Finals in order to keep their season alive.
  • Quinnipiac, 9-5 in the Metro Atlantic, 14-11 overall
  • They're tied for 1st in the conference and the Metro will not have too many post-season teams. Maybe only 2.

Has To Win It All =

  • Sacred Heart, 8-6 in the NEC, 12-15 overall
  • CCSU, 5-9 in the NEC, 11-16 overall
  • Fairfield, 4-11 in the Metro Atlantic, 7-20 overall

(all of these teams will be in "lose and go home" mode come conference tournament time)

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