The Tank Report: All Star Break

NBA tanking, who's winning, I mean losing.

11-48 The Phoenix Suns re-take the lead!!!! Last win = January 12th DeAndre Jordan fills out the 4/5 slot, do they really want Zion? Maybe Reddish or Barrett would be a better fit.

11-47 The New York Knicks beat the Hawks on Feb 14th and gave up the top tanking spot. They may be playing in the "state-of-confusion" phase. The phase that exists when new players get on the team and don't understand the plan yet. "Psst, we're trying to lose" Dennis Smith Jr with Zion may sound pretty good to KD.

12-46 The Cleveland Cavs are still wondering if beating the Knicks on Feb. 11th was a good win. They also took the Nets to Triple-OT. I actually think that the Cavs are NOT tanking. They are just one of the worst basketball teams thanks to horrible contracts and acquisitions of their former upper management a.k.a Lebron James.

14-44 The Chicago Bulls are sitting in 4th place of the ball-count for the draft lottery. The Bulls may be happy with any one of the Duke-NBAers. They may just be in the right spot to make it happen. If anyone gets a lucky ball bounce, it is the 4-spot. The Bulls last win was Feb 13th against the Memphis Grizzlies. BTW, the Griz may be the next team to join the mix on the tank report.

Next big/bad game = THURS Feb 21st PHO @ CLE

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