The Tank Rpt: Guess who's winning?

11-50 PHO Suns take the lead!!! A big loss a couple games ago @ fellow tanking Cleveland. Last win = Jan 12th

12-48 NY Knicks won at home? Yes it is true. Plus, they beat the SA Spurs to do it. What are they doing? Maybe they know that PHO is not going to go Zion with the #1 overall pick. Maybe the recent knee injury to Zion has the Knicks getting cold-tanks. (meaning they don't know if they should be tanking or not) Perhaps it is these new players like Dennis Smith Jr that just don't understand what the plan is yet. "psst, we're trying to lose"

14-46 CLE Cavs have their Love for basketball back. By that I mean Kevin Love. Kevin and the rest of the crew have put together a couple wins and are falling out of Zion contention. How great would it be for Zion to try and take over Cleveland the year after Lebron left it?

16-44 CHI Bulls are fading out of the 1st pick fast. They are now 5.5 games away from the Suns. Did MJ tell the Bulls not to get Zion so it doesn't threaten his legacy? Bulls are actually on what we call in sports as a "winning-streak."

2 big/little games coming up:

  • Thur Feb 28th NYK @ CLE
  • Wedn Mar 6th NYK @ PHO

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