Don't Worry, Be Happy

Adam Silver says the players tell him they're unhappy.

Here are some tips for NBA players to stay happy while you have to put up with this depressing job as a professional basketball player.

  • Quit. If you don't like a job you get paid millions of dollars for, you should think about doing something else with your life. Don't just do a job for the money. People who grind for the money are not happy when they go to work and mostly in life.
  • GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA! Of course this stuff has an effect on an athlete. You can feel obligated to maintain a social media presence, but in doing so you are exposed to loads of criticism from the community of social media. No media, not just social. Only absorb positive energy and the media is not the place.
  • Never forget, you are getting paid an absurd amount of money to play a game. The fans that come and watch you do your job pay more than they should to do so.
  • Goof Off. I goof off at my job and my job is not playing basketball. Hell, sometimes goofing off at most of our jobs IS playing basketball. Wear a goofy outfit to work one day, Russell Westbrook is trying that. So is Cam Newton.

Take advantage of this cool opportunity in life you have been granted called pro athlete. I know it took a lot of hard work to get here, but the fame and attention comes with it. Us fans hate seeing you whine about it and have no time for "unhappy." It is your job to provide my life with happiness, not the other way around. That's the arrangement we've always had.

"Suck it up buttercup," Pat Summitt

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