Tank Report: The New Knicks Learned What Up

Last time we reported on the NBA tanking situation, the newly acquired Knicks seem to not know the 2019 strategy when they first arrived. With 4-staright losses and recently falling to next worse Phoenix, they're poised to be #Cryin-4-Zion.

13-52 The Knicks are prepared to get that frozen envelope afterall. The wins from fellow tankers and their inexcusable tanking/sucking on the court has them in a prime spot for the #1 overall pick!

15-51 The Suns messed up big time and started growing as professionals and winning basketball games. Maybe they believe Zion and Ayton are not going to mesh on the court together. Maybe they need to not finish dead-last in order to get public funding to renovate their recently-renovated arena.

16-49 The Cavs are still a sneaky sleeper for Zion. Yes, they have won five games of their last nine, but it was against other tankers and non-playoff teams. Cleveland has the potential of losing every game from here on out. The 2nd savior cometh to Cleveland!

19-47 Chicago Bulls maybe out of the tanking conversation. Not only have they won recently, they have some scrub match-ups remaining on their schedule. They will just have to cross their fingers for the lottery balls to drop their way.

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