Columbus Hangs on for 2-1 Win and Series Lead

Second Round, Game 3: Boston 1 – Columbus 2

With the series tied at 1, shifting to Columbus for games 3 and 4, the Bruins looked to bounce back from a double overtime loss in which they did not deserve to win. They needed to have a better all-around game if they were going to have a chance in this game and the rest of the series. Through the first period it was looking like more of the same from game 2, slow and lots of turnovers. The Bruins were playing with a lack of focus and urgency as Columbus was feeding off the very loud crowd and sticking it to Boston.

Columbus would jump out to a 1-0 lead after the first period when Boone Jenner would beat Tuukka skating left and shooting right, the classic way to shoot. With just over 7 minutes to play in the second period, Columbus would double their lead when Matt Duchene would score late on the power play. The Bruins wouldn’t start to look somewhat better until this goal. Maybe it was a wakeup call or maybe the Bruins just realized how bad they were playing, but either way they would finally get on the board. With under a minute to play in the period, Jake DeBrusk would skate in on Bobrovsky and try to just stuff the puck past him, but the refs blew the play dead almost immediately. What they didn’t see was that the puck was never actually in the control of Bobrovsky, and the puck slid into the back of the net. Immediately the play went under review where it was deemed a good goal for the Bruins based on a continuations rule.

As the game went to the third period, the Bruins finally started to look like they found their legs as they were able to get better scoring opportunities. However, Sergei Bobrovsky could not be beat. He was an absolute brick wall in this game keeping the Blue Jackets in the lead. It seemed like every opportunity the Bruins had he thwarted or the defense blocked themselves. Major credit to the Blue Jackets team defending tonight, they blocked as many shots as Bobrovsky.

Well the Blue Jackets take a 2-1 series lead with the next game also being in Columbus so it doesn’t get any easier for the Bruins who are on the verge of being in a 3-1 situation heading home in a must win game. But, the Bruins hopefully will build on the opportunities from the third period and come out ready to go on Thursday night in game 4.

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