Yanks Drop 2 of 3 in Cleveland and Split with the Mets

The Yanks dropped 2 of 3 from the Indians this weekend and then split and double header from their crosstown rivals on Tuesday.

On Friday night the Yankees welcomed Di Di back to their line up and he has been very good since returning he's hit for an average of .429 with 1 HR and 2 RBIs .

The biggest weakness coming into the season for the Yankees was their starting pitching and that has showed up the last couple of weeks. James Paxton has not went more then 5 innings in any start since he's come back, Tanaka and CC have also struggled, On Friday night CC went 5 innings and allowed 4 earned runs. On Tuesday Tanaka went 6.2 innings but he allowed 5 runs.

Despite Chapman blowing the save on Sunday afternoon the Yankees Bullpen has been really good this year their ERA is currently 6th in all of baseball.

The Yanks head out to Chicago for a 4 game series with the White Sox then head back to the Bronx for a 3 game series with the Rays.

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