December Delirium 2019

In 2019, I continue to rage against this popularity contest called the College Football Playoff. Only 12 teams currently have a chance to win it all under the current format. D1 football is the only NCAA sport that does not have a playoff that follows a simple format. Every other sport awards an automatic bid to conference champs. A field of 10 conference champs and 6 at-larges would seem logical. A 16-team tournament in December, "December Delirium!", would be logically awesome! As of November 3rd, the 4-week format would give 82 teams a shot at the National Championship. For now, we have a 4-way affair amongst the same-old same-old.

Here are the only games that truly matter this week:

Survivor Rd =

  • WAKE FOREST @ Va Tech
  • Missouri @ GEORGIA
  • Iowa State @ OKLAHOMA

Potential Play-In Games =


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