Coach Geno Auriemma Shares The Importance of Scoring Points in Basketball

UCONN's Women's Basketball coach, Geno Auriemma, shares his beliefs on the importance of scoring points in a basketball game.

He states that in basketball,

"the object is to score a lot of points without taking a lot of shots so that you can spread the shots around."

Coach Auriemma explains that if you were to tell a kid they won't be scoring a lot as an individual player at each game, they wouldn't be happy. Yet, he believes the shots should be split amongst the team.

The point Coach Auriemma is stressing on is that it is more important to be efficient. He says, "if you need 20 shots to score 20 points then you're not a very good basketball player". You don't want one player scoring and doing all the work, you want each play to be a full team effort.

Picture Credit: Getty Images

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