Senior Night CT

So many senior athletes in high school and college had their final year cut short. Sportscenter anchor, Scott Van Pelt, started taking submissions on twitter from seniors across the U.S. with the trending hastag #SeniorNight. Scott received 10,000 submissions immediately. It was overwhelming how many kids lost out on their senior sport experience due to COVID-19. Scott is doing an amazing job, but he is dealing with so many submissions that it is hard to single many of them out.

Let's make sports special for our state's senior athletes in Connecticut! I am taking submissions to post on and talk about on the Rob Dibble Show M-F 3p-7p.

Simply send submissions to my email or twitter: or @ESPNBenDarnell

I am just looking for ...




Help me give some of our local athletes some love. They are more heartbroken missing out on playing their sports than most of us fans are not having any to cheer for.

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