Top 3 Virtual Sports During #CoronaLife

Everyone is trying to generate sports. We have a need for competition despite the current circumstances we are living in. I love how different sports leagues are coming up with ways to continue their product vitrually. Here are my faves.

3 I-Racing

NASCAR drivers compete at home on their I-racing simulators. I-racing is way better than the NBA2K tournament or MLB the Show league. The NBA 2k tournament only had a few players and lasted only for a few days. Plus, there were multiple players from the same teams. NBA players didn't even use the teams they play for in real life. MLB the Show at least had all the teams represented and they played with the actual teams they represent. However, there were way too many games and it was hard to follow. I-racing is with the real drivers in their cars. It follows the actual NASCAR schedule and the drivers say the game is extremely close to the real thing. Plus, they do ALL racing on ALL tracks.

2 The Dream Bracket

Some NCAA athletic programs have had some virtual games set up for past great teams against each other. Nebraska Football and Villanova basketball both had virtual games that were big hits. The best example was MLB's Dream Bracket. The Dream Bracket pitted each MLB franchise's all-time best teams against eachother. Of Course, the Yankees and their roster of Hall of Famers came out on top in the end. As a baseball fan, it was fun to follow and I caught myself watching live a bunch of times.

1 Triple Crown Showdown

On the day the Kentucky Derby was supposed to happen in 2020, NBC gave us a virtual race that had every triple crown winner against each other. I loved it! I can watch it multiple times. Watching it live was not as exciting as real life, but it did have some juice.

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