Is This the Best Trick Shot Ever?

When it comes to basketball trick shots and trying to get them on film, you can never truly know how many attempts it took to get the shot. I know when I was a kid, my friend and I would constantly be trying to video trick shots that would take us entire afternoons just to make once. Hell, we even lowered the hoop to 6 feet and did some camera tricks to make it look like a couple of barely 5 foot kids can dunk like Zach LaVine on a full sized hoop. Then I stumble upon this video on and I had to write something about it. This to me might be one of the coolest trick shots ever. I mean just look at how organic this video came about. It's security footage of this school custodian nonchalantly draining a backwards half court shot...take that Steph Curry.

What I love about this video is this custodian is just like us, he sees a basketball and a hoop and just wants to make some magic happen. Although, if I'm that custodian, I don't think I am ever picking up a basketball again, it will never get any better than that.

Thanks to the Twitter accound @Leathermank for uploading this video.

Image: Getty Images

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