Welcome to Ball is Wife

You've heard from the players, you've heard from the media, and you've heard from the coaches, but have you ever listened to the wives? Well now you have.

Enter The 'Ball is Wife' Podcast, hosted by Andrea Hurley, wife of UConn Men's Basketball Head Coach Dan Hurley, who is gearing up to take over the sports talk world. While she may not know the "X's and O's", you'll learn about the "Jimmy's and Joe's" and what it's like to live in the college basketball world. Hear from Andrea and other wives around college basketball as they take you through the behind the scenes of life and basketball, with stories and laughs along the way.

Officially launching sometime after March, you can hear Episode 1 featuring UConn Head Coach and Andrea's husband, Dan Hurley.

For all available episodes visit The Husky Insider Podcast on thehuskyhq.com

Coming Soon! Ball is Wife Episdode 2 featuring the matriarch of the Hurley Family, Momma Hurley.

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