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Ex-NFL Player Blasts Marvin Harrison Jr. For Skipping Ohio State's Pro Day

James Jones on Marvin Harrison Jr. skipping Ohio State’s Pro Day: “I don’t like this at all, I truly don’t. The main reason I don’t like it is because I’m a competitor. I understand this man is in a great situation -- ‘turn the tape on, I’m not going to do anything’ -- but it’s been a lot of dudes like that. Calvin Johnson was like that. If we really keeping it 100, Calvin Johnson was better than you in college. Calvin Johnson had a Pro Day. There’s a lot of dudes that have your talent, if not better talent, that still did the Pro Day to show these scouts like ‘What ya’ll see on film, that ain’t nothing! WATCH when ya’ll see me out here on my Pro Day!'
I’m cool with you not working out at the Combine, but for me, where is the competitive nature? If I would have seen Malik Nabers, the way Malik Nabers’ Pro Day was, I’m calling my agent. Even if my Pro Day has passed or my Pro Day is coming up, like I'm going to show these dudes that Malik Nabers ain’t got nothing on me. That’s just the competitor in me. I don’t like these dudes nowadays just going ‘I’m not doing nothing!’ The number one pick in the draft [Caleb Williams] worked out at his Pro Day. Like you’re not going to show nothing? You are a really good receiver, you’re probably going to be the first receiver off the board, but show us that you got a little competitive nature.”

Watch James Jones, former Green Bay Packers wide receiver and current co-host for FS1’s Speak, join Colin Cowherd to call out Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. for skipping both the NFL Combine and Ohio State’s Pro Day.

Harrison Jr. Is widely expected to be the first wide receiver chosen in the 2024 NFL Draft on April 25th, but has been absent from all off-season workouts and scouting events. 

Check out the segment above as Jones questions Harrison's ‘competitive nature’, saying once Harrison Jr. saw LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers light up his Pro Day, he should have felt compelled to show the scouts in person at Ohio State’s Pro Day that he really is the best receiver in the Draft with nothing to hide from.

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